Constitution for lawful detention, and do nothing to provide a remedy and prevent future violations. Governments should govern according to established rules and procedures. A government which honours its established rules and procedures with disregard cannot escape the charge of impunity and arbitrariness in matters of public administration. In many countries when such disregard for the Constitution occurs, religious or civic leaders, human rights defenders, the media and other interlocutors would ask those put in positions of public trust not to neglect their responsibilities and duty to administer according to the dictates of the Constitution. A Nation must have a conscience. This is made possible by having respectable religious and civic leaders and credible human rights defenders who are given high regard by those who govern. Where ever there is a culture of silence, disregard for the due process of law, impunity becomes prevalent. Those who wish to govern the right way would be tolerant of those who point out the wrong ways of governing. Instead they would acknowledge every wrong doing and provide a remedy.]]>

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