Many Gambians have turned to companies selling land to purchase their plots because of the documentation involved. It is the duty of a state to protect its citizens from being defrauded in any way.

The constitution provided for the establishment of a land Commission to exercise direction and control over land administration. Those who bought land from diamond properties were able to show documents, even leased ones.

A land Commission would be able to standardise all documents and harmonise documentation from the village head to the real estate companies like Diamond Properties and conduct sensitisation programmes so that all would know what an authentic transfer of land is.

We wonder why the Government which has clung on to power since 1997 when the constitution came into force has not been able to put an efficient and effective land Commission in place so that proper licenses would be given and real estates and their customers would be properly guided to have a win – win relationship and avoid the sweat and tears which follow the numerous demotions and seizure of properties whose owners had been given documents which gave the symbol of authenticity. Trust is being lost by plot buyers because of failure to know what is or is not an authentic document since all contain the signatures and stamp of officialdom. The government needs to act now and establish a Land Commission.

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