Saturday, July 20, 2019

Who Is Removing The Chiefs And Replacing Them, President Barrow Or The Minister Of Lands And Regional Government?


The Minister is on leave and Foroyaa is not told who is overseeing the ministry in his absence.

The Gambia Gazette is the instrument that the Government should use to inform the citizenry of what is happening in the corridors of Government. The Gazette should tell us when Ministers are on leave and who should oversee their ministries.

Government work does not stop just because a Minister has travelled or is on leave. The Minister should issue a press release to inform the public whether all the removals of chiefs are originating from the Office of the President.

Gambia’s history is for those who come to power to use their position to promote self-perpetuating rule. This is usually done by controlling the position of traditional rulers so that through their appointments and removals they are made rubber stamp functionaries of those who control power.

Integrity in governance is to appoint and remove those who preside over the affairs of the people on the basis of law and not on the basis of might.

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