This is unethical in journalistic practice for example after Foroyaa published an article before it is posted in the Foroyaa website which takes time because of editing protocols. Disaporium News appears to be exploiting the gaps to put the burning issues produced by Foroyaa in its website. Clear examples are the following found in the Diasporium. IFAD FUNDED AGRIC PROJECT DIRECTOR ARRESTED, DETAINED BY NIA UTG BIO-CHEMIST STUDENT ALLEGEDLY DETAINED ANIMAL DEALERS AT ABUKO TO BE EVICTED, APPEALS TO THE PRESIDENT COUP SUSPECTS’ PARENTS TRANSFERRED TO THE STATE CENTRAL PRISON If any website wants to recycle Foroyaa news, they should enter into contract with Foroyaa and pay the reporter honorarium for using their stories. Failure to adopt this practice would lead to expulsion of the culprit.]]>

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