A liberated country is one that has attained the right to self determination and Independence. Self determination means self determined development. It starts with the building of a Democratic Republic which affirms and protects the equality in sovereignty of all citizens irrespective of their gender, ethno-linguistic origin, colour, religion, philosophy or creed and ensures a climate of tolerance, diversity and respect for each other’s identities irrespective of whether they are spiritual or mundane.

A sovereign Republic is consolidated by building the sovereign community of citizens who are led by a government based on their consent that utilises the authority derived from the people to build self reliant and self determined economies which provide career for all, means of income for all, education for all, health for all, housing for all, clothes for all and leisure and recreation for all, liberty for all, dignity for all and prosperity for all.

This was the goal of National Liberation. The leaders who are committed to such values and objectives are genuine promoters of National liberation. Youths who are committed to such principles are genuine promoters of national liberation.

On the other hand leaders and youths who promote the division of the sovereign people into antagonistic ethno-linguistic, religious, sectarian groups who perpetually engage in war to exterminate each other are the grave diggers of national liberation who are promoting the re-colonisation of the continent.

It is obvious that a group of African youths who declare allegiance to a foreign force and transform their sisters and brothers, daughters and sons into walking bombs to kill innocent citizens are the worst senseless stooges that the African continent would ever bring on the face of the earth. Instead of liberating the continent from the former colonial masters they help to justify the stationing of foreign troops on the continent to combat their barbarity.

Every African youth who joins a movement which makes you to see other Africans as enemies by virtue of religion or ethno-linguistic difference is a promoter of the re-colonisation of the continent. Only those committed to building a Democratic Republic are the genuine architects of a liberated Africa.

Islam is a faith and not an ideology. Hence there are no Islamists or Jihadists.  Those who engage in suicide bombing against innocent citizens are fighting to lose. They are not winning new converts to a faith. They are engaged in sending those who are illiterates in their religion to their death. Professing a faith does not mean that one is a true believer. One cannot be forced to have a faith. A true believer comes from choice and not force. That is why it is established that there is no compulsion in religion.

Hence all African youths should begin the battle against the life of a senseless stooge and become the architects of sovereign Republics which would guarantee their liberty, dignity and prosperity. Only a senseless stooge would be a suicide bomber for a cause that will never triumph.


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