Foroyaa has reliably learnt that parents are stopping their children from going to school for fear that they could be abducted.

How the rumour spread to the nook and cranny of the Gambia that children are being abducted for human sacrifice is beyond our understanding.

We started challenging people who spread these rumours to concretely tell us the address of any child who has been abducted. We received information that two school children from Nyangabantang have been abducted. When the villagers were approached they denied and confirmed that no such development has taken place.

It is important for people not to spread rumours that excite fear. Any incident of a disappearance of a child should be reported so that the media will conduct proper investigation for general consumption.

At this moment, despair is setting in, yet no one seems to understand why some parents considered it unsafe for their children to go to school.


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