The new government has a duty to provide education and training to the young. The education and training should be circumscribed by quality and relevance and should be accessible and affordable.

An inventory needs to be done to find out how many tertiary skills training institutions have been established which is now inherited by the new Government and gauge how many trainees they could accommodate. This should confirm that non–governmental training institutions constitute an appreciable percentage of the service providers.

One should therefore examine what the implications of closing them down would be. If it means that the students would not have any alternative, then it would not be wise to close the training institutions down. What would be best is to assess the standard of each institution and present a report to the National Assembly with recommendations on how the sector could be improved through Public private partnerships and state subventions, to improve facility and then reduce cost to make them accessible to the young. It is the duty of the Government to provide training services. If it fails to do so, it cannot but take positive approaches to encourage those who are doing so, to improve service delivery instead of closing them down.

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