It is reliably learnt that in the morning of 10 November 2016, Omar Jabang was picked up by some people. At the moment family members are in a state of shock. They have not seen or heard from him since yesterday morning.

It is important for family members to go to the nearest police station and give a report of his disappearance and ask for his whereabouts. This is the starting point.

Foroyaa will make further inquiries to know his whereabouts. This is an election period and all Gambians are expecting a violence free election. The Inspector General of Police, Director General of the NIA and the Ministry of the Interior should do their best to ensure that there is no detention without trial.

In our view, this is the best time that the president should have made the decision to order the release of those convicted or on trial in connection with Solo Sandeng or his death. This would have moved the country to the path of reconciliation which is most needed during an election period.

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