Saturday, July 20, 2019

When Will The Truth, Reconciliation And Reparation Commission Commence Taking Cases?



Four Commissions are welcome by the vast majority of Gambians who aim to give Gambia a new start. During the Jammeh regime all political parties in the opposition claimed that there was no level playing field for multi pasty politics. Hence constitutional and electoral reform were and are still considered to be major priorities in the political arena. The opposition parties called for the introduction of term limit of two terms, the second round of voting and Diaspora participation in voting as some of their priorities. The issue of Truth and reconciliation was also put in the agenda to enhance transitional justice.

Many had expected these reforms to take place within the first year. However, the truth commission is yet to sit to receive cases for review. Foroyaa will visit the secretariat to find out the level of work in progress in achieving the goal set.

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