Foroyaa is receiving endless cases of land disputes particularly in the West Coast Region. One finds two or more people claiming ownership of land. All would claim to have gone to a Chief or an Alkalo.

There are many cases where the prescribed owners would each start moulding blocks in preparation to build something. This is particularly explosive. If it not properly handled, some people will perpetrate atrocities against each other.

Customary law should be codified and known to all who preside over district tribunals and the public at large and enforced by them subject to appeal in the courts.

Without such situation corruption could derail justice because of the verdict of customary law when such land disputes arise. Hence, unfair judgment at the District Tribunals would make it very difficult for those without means to pursue their cases in court where they have to hire lawyers to pursue their cases.

Hence poverty derails the course of justice and the disadvantaged leading to newspapers or other media to cry foul.

Hence, the State has responsibility to ensure that finance does not deprive litigants of justice.

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