Former NIA Deputy Chief


The Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Louie Gomez is urgent in order for families to truly know how the death occurred. The longer it takes the more agonizing it becomes to a family who will find it difficult to have a closure. The case is a high profile case where the accused persons have been refused bail for over a year. The trial will soon take two years while the accused persons are remanded in custody.

The state must accept full responsibility for providing the environment for securing the good health of the accused until judgment is delivered. One life has already been lost. The reason for the loss should become evident and proper care should be exercised so those left behind would not be left without proper attention.

The state has nothing to lose by treating all prisoners, remand or convicted, in a decent and humane manner. It has integrity and good reputation to gain by acting in a decent manner.            

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