24 April 1970 is the birthday of the republic. Between 18 February 1965 and 24 April 1970 The Gambia was a constitutional monarchy. It had the right to self-determination and independence and did not exercise the right to free itself from being under the rule of the queen of England who was still represented in the country by a Governor General. The Gambia attained self-determination and independence when the country became a Republic in 1970.

One would have thought that such an important day would be commemorated with the full participation of every sovereign Gambian. The fact that this day is still not commemorated as a national holiday confirms that many are yet to acknowledge that the country belongs to them.

Foroyaa would like to commend all Gambians who are ready to defend the sovereignty of the republic and further consolidate the sovereignty of the people. Democracy should enable the people in a country to come together as one after an election and focus very little on the ethno linguistic, religious and gender divide. As we commemorate 24 April today we must remind ourselves that it is only through unity that each would be able to take one’s place and move the country forward.


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