Since such force could maim and kill those who possess them, they should be given proper training on the value of human life . A member of a disciplined force who does not know the value of human life becomes a virtual murderer. Criminal justice has distinguished the various forms of law   enforcement. Law enforcement is supposed to be suspect centred. A suspect who is unarmed and peaceful could easily be touched and told that he or she is under arrest. One does not need an armed police officer to conduct such arrest or put such a person in handcuff. One treats a suspect as an innocent person who has explanation to do if he/she does desire to be free from suspicion or go to court to prove one’s innocence, if charged. Force is used to match the level of resistance. The primary responsibility of a law enforcement officer is to protect life instead of taking it. Hence, a professional in law enforcement would know when to use force and what force to use to neutralise another force being used to escape arrest. The police force should be allowed to do its work. Armed personnel should only come into the scene when called upon by the police to handle any threat from a person bearing arms. If people with live bullets are assigned police duties the innocent citizens could become victim of gunshots based on misconceived suspicion.]]>

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