Many victims of the recent flood in Niani District are now hosted in schools. But schools are to re-open on 25 September 2017 and if no solution is found before then either the pupils will be deprived of starting school on time or the victims may be asked to leave where they are being housed.

According to reports reaching Foroyaa, the devastation of houses in the satellite villages of Kuntaur is quite extensive in Mbayen Wollof, Ngunta, Jarumeh Kuta, Sukuta, Kerr Sait Maram, Sanda, Kataba, Faraba Sori, Faraba Wuri and Sara Malang is extensive. The devastation of rice farms included Sukuta, Tuba Koto, Tuba Kuta, Jakaba, Nema, Kuntaur Fula Kunda, Bakadaji, Jammeh Kebbeh, Kuyarang, Parlang Mandinka, Parlang Toro, Madina, Wassu, Kuntaur.

The focus of the supply of aid seems to be on Kuntaur but the surrounding villages need attention as the damage is quite extensive. For example a villager of Mbayen complained that they were supplied with 4 bags of rice when 10 compounds are affected. There is also need for arrangement to facilitate the reconstruction of houses of victims.

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