Saturday, July 20, 2019

What type of Gambia by December 1, 2016?



What type of Gambia by December 1, 2016?

The big debate should kick off as to what type of Gambia will emerge in 2016.

APRC has selected its presidential candidate. The rumour that the international community will not allow him to stand is misleading at best and naïve at worst.

The masses should not be put to sleep by spreading information that has no basis in law or fact.

Those who want change should be thinking of presidential candidates who will stand against Jammeh in 2016.

Among the opposition PDOIS has proposed for a type of coalition which will enable the opposition to go for a first round to select their own candidate from the presidential candidates selected by parties or stand as independent candidates and who would then face the incumbent in 2016.

Foroyaa is waiting to hear from the other opposition parties their proposal for the way forward in 2016.


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