Omar al-Bashir

The military in Sudan has ousted Omar al-Bashir after nearly 30 years in power. A state of emergency has been announced and the military council that has been proclaimed intends to stay in power for two years followed by elections. This is similar to how Bashir came to power and stayed on for 30 years.

Sometimes the people struggle for change but when they reach a critical stage, it eludes them because the old guards who had been the pillars of the old sneak in and steal it from them. Zimbabwe and Sudan are cases in point and Algeria tends to be moving in that direction.

What Sudan needs at this stage is a transition to democratic rule led by a civilian transitional government that will be tasked with conducting reforms and paving the way to free and fair elections. To ensure a level playing field, members in the transitional government will not be allowed to contest the first presidential and parliamentary elections.

The African masses should become sovereign and not allow themselves to be like Caesar’s mob that dances to the tune of one political aspirant or another.

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