Sunday, August 18, 2019

What Lesson Has to be Drawn from the Bulldozing of Bamboo Forest?



The lesson is simple. Prevention is better than cure. How many years did it take for the forest which has been destroyed to become a forest? How can a country exist without plants and animals? The environment requires proper management. Human beings cannot destroy all the forest and turn everything into a concrete jungle. That is not civilization. That is extinction.

Every generation is complaining that the plants and animals that they used to know in certain regions can no longer be traced. They have become extinct. This shows that if human beings are not careful of their environment they will gradually lose their flora and fauna. This is why countries which want to belong to civilised humanity must have a Forestry Act to preserve their flora and fauna. They will establish botanical gardens aimed at preserving plant species that will become extinct if not preserved. Hence the government should do aerial mapping of all reserved forests and ensure that no authority will ever permit anyone to encroach on them.

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