Sunday, July 21, 2019

What Is The Way Forward For The Gambia In 2019?



Foroyaa has been trying to interview the Secretary General of each of the political parties that went to Congress to find out what they have outlined as the way forward. The Secretary General of the PPP has promised to talk to the paper and we are following the promise.

On his part Halifa Sallah indicated that the election of 1 December 2016 has given rise to the liberation of the Gambian voter who never believed until the results were declared that change could come through the ballot box after 52 years of attaining the right to self-determination and independence. According to him, the new Gambia does not arise automatically. He said that before a new Gambia could emerge a new Gambian must first arise and be counted. He said that regime change does not automatically lead to the eradication of poverty. This would require system change, which he said, is the fundamental objective of PDOIS. We will publish all the interviews once they are done.

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