Management has written to Mamour Mbenga to find out why he is in Dakar, Senegal, and what concerns he has regarding his relation with Foroyaa.

He is a young man with a future. He was on sick leave with pay for months before the 14 April incident and management was waiting for his medical report in order to launch a campaign for his medical treatment abroad for a stabbing he sustained during his youthful days.

This is why management did not allow him to handle any assignment that could be injurious to his health. If he is contacted and still wishes his life to be an issue in the public space, management will give him all the coverage he would desire.

Foroyaa has been working with many young people who started their career under the guidance of its management. Many move on to other works of life and are still contributing to their society.

Mbenga is young and still needs to be supported and inspired to move on to live a productive and contributive life. Management will never destroy the human resources of a country that it is trying to build no matter what impression people create in their pursuit of upward mobility in life.

He can count on management for the pursuit of his treatment which has been and is still our primary preoccupation.


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