The existence of an institution jointly established by Gambia and Senegal to manifest closer than normal ties, known as the Senegalo-Gambian Secretariat, should have meaning both in word and practice.

It is surprising to Foroyaa that for two weeks now a crisis exists at all the Gambian borders with Senegal creating a stumbling block for the free movement of vehicles, goods and services.

Ecowas was created precisely to facilitate freer movement of people, goods and services so that a market with a population of just over 335 million people would be accessible to each member country thus enhancing the economic os scale.

ECOWAS has protocols, institutions and standard practices which, if fully adhered to or utilized, would prevent tariff barriers and the closure of borders which are all inimical to integration, economic cooperation and sustainable development.

In our view, a tit for tat approach to international relations manifest a failure of preventive diplomacy. Hence, maximum effort needs to be done to give the Senegalo-Gambian Secretariat a reason to be.


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