Both the Darboe clan of Gunjur and Berending claim a given land area which has led to a violent clash and death. The police and the military have restored order, though troops are still stationed at strategic points in Gunjur, Berending, Seefo and Kartong.

But life is not normal. Hostility between the two communities aggravated because of the recent conflict, particularly the death of someone from Gunjur. There is fear in Berending that they may be attacked if they go to Gunjur, preventing some from Berending continuing their economic transactions in Gunjur, or from attending Upper basic and Senior Secondary School there, which is unavailable in Berending. Besides one cannot travel out of Berending without passing through Gunjur, unless one uses the footpath to Seefo.

Does the government have any short term solution to restore normal life and ease tension in the communities? Does it have a long term strategy to ensure a lasting solution to the dispute? As it stands no indication is evident that moves are on to deal with the situation and avoid another conflict.

Foroyaa will get in touch with the government spokesperson to find out their take on this matter.

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