When the student population expanded rapidly and faster than the students’ population they can be accommodated, a double shift system was introduced and this made it possible for schools to operate two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. There were not enough teachers to deal with the situation, so teachers taught in both the morning and afternoon shifts. They accepted to be paid their full salary plus half their salary. This has been going on up till now.

Recently some teachers have been agitating for the payment of additional full salary rather than half salary. They have in fact been urging their fellow teachers to engage in a sit down strike.

Needless to say what seems to have been a temporary measure until more schools are built and more teachers recruited has become a permanent feature. Some critics regard this system as inefficient as the teachers get exhausted by the afternoon shift. Foroyaa will get in touch with the Ministry of Education and the Gambia Teachers’ Union to find out their position on this issue.   

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