Sunday, August 25, 2019

What is the end result of D-Day for the State?



What is the end result of D-Day for the State?

Every concern person was waiting for the outcome of the habeas corpus application for Ebrima Solo Sandeng to be produced in court. Unfortunately, D-Day for the State has been postponed to July 7. The respondent claimed that they have not received the briefs of the applicant.

Hence because of technicality, the facts are yet to be tendered for the scrutiny of the court to enable us to draw the conclusions that would put an end to all assumptions and speculations.

We will continue to emphasise the need for the State to put an end to this political crisis by discharging and releasing the UDP leadership and their members.

Anything that disadvantages a political party in an election year should be redressed with immediacy. This is the only way to maintain a multi party system. Even those who exchange bullets must engage in ceasefire and dialogue for political settlement.

We don’t know what the Jammeh administration is still waiting for in facilitating the discharge and release of the UDP leadership and members.


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