Foroyaa has been following the different efforts to determine the membership of the women’s council after the new dispensation came into being. Initially the paper was informed that the women councillors for the women’s council are elected by their peers without any regard to political affiliation.

Foroyaa did point out efforts by political representatives in certain areas to put a party stamp to the selection of women councillors in their areas. Eventually the Women’s Bureau made it clear that women councillors of the council were selected without regard to political affiliation.

It is strange that on 28th July 2018 it was reported that a training workshop was held for members of the Women’s Council. A number of women who consider themselves as bona fide members of the Women’s Council called to protest their exclusion from the training workshop. They were asked to consult the Women’s Bureau before drawing any conclusion. Foroyaa will conduct its own investigation to find out whether political affiliation has anything to do with the selection of members of the Women’s Council.

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