Are female immigration personnel kept away from family and friends for
days without any contact?
The information reaching Foroyaa is difficult to digest, especiallywhen the President claims that women are her sisters and his best
friends. We will put up our investigative machinery to find out what
is going on at Tanji.
It is important to point out that female personnel of all institutions
deserve protection. Some are lactating mothers. Others are taking care
of infants and pupils needing maximum attention. Hence, no
disciplinary action or act of impunity should keep a woman away from
family members.
We hope those who may have given any order for any personnel to be
given extraordinary duties or be subjected to extraordinary treatment
would do independent investigation to prevent any abuse of authority.
No human being should be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment.
This is the verdict of law and justice and it is incontrovertible.

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