Any person who detains a person without identifying himself or herself is a kidnapper. Due process is without ambiguity. Before any arrest one must be suspected of having committed a crime or being about to commit a crime such as conspiracy. The officer must identify himself or herself and indicate to the person that he or she is under arrest. A genuine law enforcement officer would inform a detained person within a period of three hours the reasons for his or her arrest and explain his or her right to consult a legal practitioner. He or she would charge the accused person and bring him or her before court within72 hours. No law enforcement officer would engage in torture  or subject any detainee to any cruel or degrading punishment or treatment . Anybody who abducts a person and subjects him or her to torture only to make him or her to disappear without trace is a virtual criminal. Disappearance is not possible in a state where there is law and justice. It happens only where law is honoured with utter disregard and justice is trampled under foot. The GPU should  go beyond remembrance and start the diligent search for an explanation whether the UN has taken any responsibility in searching for Chief Manneh. The public is anxiously waiting for an answer.]]>

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