The EU is a major development partner. According to reports on their cooperation agreement the EU is responsible for financing half the paved roads in the Gambia. It has also moved into crop financing at a time when the farmers had been struck with disasters.

After the last political dialogue the Chargee D’Affaires of the European Union Delegation in Banjul was expelled from the Gambia by the Government. No explanation was given for the action. Grants have been very important in cushioning the Gambian economy by increasing the foreign earning capacity of the country, reducing pressure to increase domestic borrowing, helping reduce the drop in the value of the dalasi and encouraging the IMF to give support.

It is still inexplicable why diplomatic crisis is induced at a time when the only 0.50 GDP growth and when the economy is in the greatest need of grants. Foroyaa will contact the Foreign Affairs Ministry for explanation


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