Question of the Day

The new Gambia requires a new start. This new start requires that the wrong doings of the past do not start again.

This is why civil society should emerge to accompany the process. Key among these groups should be an association of human rights lawyers, who would be willing to step in to file cases in the high courts, for the release of those who are detained for more than 72 hours without trial. Those who criticize the excesses of the past, should not condone the excesses of the present. It is mere excuse to say that soldiers are not guided by constitutions. All are equal before the Law and should equally receive the protection of the Law. A basic provision of a constitution which is claimed to be inferior could not be protected by a new Government, what morality is there to change, in Constitutional review? A Law that will not be respected by constituted authority, is mere paper in a trash dump. All should practice what we preach.


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