Sunday, July 21, 2019

Weigh Bridges for What Purpose and for What Benefit for Government and People?



The Ministry of Works had made an announcement of steps taken to use weigh bridges to support the proper maintenance of the road system in the country.

One anticipated that the Government will update the nation on the weight that bridges will be able to carry, give priority to new bridges to ensure that they carry the weight so that those who own transport would not overload to cause unnecessary deterioration of roads and bridges. In short, those carrying the right load would not undergo any charges and those carrying overload would face the penalty.

One would have also imagined that the National Roads Authority would be responsible for establishing the weigh bridges and receiving any revenue to be utilised for maintenance. Foroyaa is of the view that any charges on transportation or payment of excise duty would ultimately lead to increases in the prices of commodities which will be detrimental to the people and obstruct the eradication of poverty. The government must not allow any profiteering in the area of transportation of commodities. It should protect the transporters, the bridges and the roads. The National Roads Authority must know the weight of vehicles that could lead to the deterioration of roads and protect the road by reprimanding transporters for overloading. This is the only legitimate cost that should be added. The public interest is to be protected.

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