Sunday, August 25, 2019

We Must Remember Them


Societies are characterised by two types of people; those who live at the expense of others and those who live to serve others.

The Gambia is no exception. If we are to nurture citizens who would make it their aim in life to serve others, it is necessary to continue to remember those who add value to society to a greater or lesser degree. In this way, those who live today or tomorrow could be inspired to do more.

Hence Foroyaa would wish to remember once in a while those who should not be forgotten because of the value they added to society. Foroyaa is therefore going to devote a page both in its daily paper and monthly magazine, which commence this month, to give a portrait of those who have added value to the society since the paper came into being in 1987.

It is hoped that such portrait will enable the young to have a reference in adopting a career as well as a life path to earn an honourable place in charting a new destiny for our homeland.

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