Thursday, July 18, 2019

We are 100% with President Barrow says Lamin Alkalo


By Yankuba Jallow

“We are 100% with President Barrow and we will render full support to him,” said the Alkalo of Lamin Village.

He also urged various religious leaders to disseminate the information in their respective mosques that the village is in full support of the Coalition government.

Mbemba Bojang was speaking to his people yesterday, in Lamin, at a day of salvation and prayers for the country which he organized with his council of elders.

According to Alkalo Bojang, they inherited something from the forefathers and that is ‘they are always in support of the President of the day’. He further explained that there is no power mightier than God and any person he chooses to be a leader must be no matter what ill will another person may have.

The Paramount Chief, Alhajie Demba Sanyang who was also present at the gathering said this is an annual event organised to pray to the Lord for peace and prosperity of the nation. He said this will be done in all the 40 chiefdoms of the country. He added that he has been the Paramount Chief for 9 years and all the chiefs of the country in consultation with them will render full support to President Barrow. “I have hope with the new country’s administration and I urge them to give freedom and rights of the Media for disseminating information” Chief Sanyang said. The 75 year old Chief expressed his satisfaction to all the chiefs of the country as they are ambassadors of peace.

Alagie Musa Bojang, head of the Council of Elders in Lamin village said it’s their tradition to give support to any government of the day and now that a change has occurred, that is the reason why they are organising the auspicious gathering. He added that Lamin Village is united as he quoted an adage ‘together we stand’ and ‘divide we fall’.

Mrs. Binta Sabally, the lady President of West Coast Region Women, told journalists that her Region’s women are in full support of the Coalition Government and they will not relent their support to them. She commended the village head and his Council of Elders who came up with such an initiation to pray for the country’s peace and prosperity. “The support the West Coast women needed from the former Government was not given to us and we hope the new Government will give women priority in their plans and policies,” Madam. Sabally said.

She urged all the women of the nation to give full support to the Barrow’s administration because its policies will yield dividend to them and their children. She explained that they support women by giving them loans and even started up a business for them. She finally applauded the media for the relentless work in disseminating accurate information to the public in difficult times of the nation.

The Alkalo of Lamin organized the occasion to pray for God’s continued mercy and peace for the country.

The event was well attended by the community of Lamin, village heads such as Sukuta, Banjulinding, Sinchu Alagie and Bijilo and many Islamic scholars were present as well as a delegation from Lawyer Ousainou Darboe was also in attendance.

The event was characterized with the recitation of the Quran for God to have mercy on the people of the country and make it easy for the new Government to implement its policies and lead to the country into prosperity.



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