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WB Engages On Project Performance Review


Abdoulai G. Dibba


The World Bank in collaboration with Government, held the Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) for the ongoing WB projects in the Gambia, on Monday 20th November 2017 at a local Hotel in Cape Point.

The review focused on the progress of the implemented projects, key challenges and constrains affecting their implementation and the way forward.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdoulie Jallow, Permanent Secretary 1 at the Ministry of Finance said the lessons learnt will avail the Gambia the opportunity to improve the WB resource envelop allocated to the country. Thus, complementing the efforts of Government’s development aspirations as stipulated in our National Development Plan (NDP).

He pointed out that the WB portfolio currently consists of 5 national projects and 3 regional projects mainly in Education, Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries and Health; that these are geared towards improving the livelihood of each and every citizen of the country. He stated that the smooth and effective implementation of the projects is a key priority for Government as it continues to provide the enabling environment.

Mr. Jallow thanked the World Bank for the immense support it rendered Government over the years and also counted on its continuous support in bridging some of the financial gaps in the newly validated National Development Plan.

On her part, the World Bank Country Representative Elene Imnadze, asserted that the objectives of the projects can only be achieved through a consultative process in which implementers will contribute in identifying their constraints and challenges as well as propose possible solutions. She stated that the CPPR, will help to provide the forum propose measures to be considered as they prepare for the new program for the Gambia adding that the ultimate goal is to end poverty.

The World Bank Country Representative went on to say that a strong government ownership is a critical factor to ensure the proposed measures and implemented, followed up and realized.

She concluded by assuring government of World Bank’s assistance and collaboration to strengthen the portfolio performance of the Gambia.

For the information of the reader, the following 11 World Bank projects are currently active and they are:

  1. Gambia Emergency PDO June 30, 2017;
  2. AF Maternal and Child Nutrition and HEALTH Results Project January 9, 2017;
  3. Integrated Financial Management Information System Project AF2 September 27, 2016;
  4. Results for Education Achievement and Development Project (READ) September 14, 2016;
  5. Gambia Electricity Support Project May 10, 2016;
  6. GM Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health Results Project April 24, 2015;
  7.  Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health Results Project March 21, 2014;
  8.  Commercial Agriculture and Value Chain Management Project March 18, 2014;
  9.  GAMBIA – READ: Results for Education Achievement and Development Project March 6, 2014;
  10. GM-Integrated Financial Management and Information System Project-Additional Financing September 20, 2013  and
  11. The Gambia Integrated Financial Management Information System Project June 1, 2010.

All these projects made a presentation on the level of implementation and challenges.

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