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By Mustapha Jallow

Residents of Brikama-Wellingara in the West Cost Region have been hit-hard by a water shortage crisis amid closure of allWATER SHORTAGE HITS  BRIKAMA-WELLINGARA public or street taps in the neighbourhood by NAWEC.

On 28 October, 2015 this reporter was on the ground and has observed the consequences.

According to residents, the crisis has been going on for more than two weeks now and no intervention has been made to address their plight.

Kumba Bah, a resident in-charge of a street tap near her compound expressed her shock at the closure of public tabs, which provides water for domestic and other essential purposes for residents. Mrs. Bah said since residents are low and average earners, it becomes impossible for them to bring taps into their households, thus solely relying on public taps to have access to clean drinking water.

“We are encountering the most challenging moments of our lives since the termination of supply of water from public taps in our neighbourhood,” lamented Kumba Bah. Decrying the challenges posed by the crisis, Madam Bah said they seek water from near-by neighbourhoods or middle income households with installed taps, noting that, that is not sustainable.

At the residence of the Alkalo (Head of village), who was not present, Ndey Fatty, his wife, was seen struggling to wash her cooking utensils without access to a public tap. She stated that the shortage of water has really affected their domestic and other uses. “We have to walk for about 400-500m in another neighbourhood to draw or fetch water, which has increased our burden and suffering as women. My daughter has to take shower and go to school but how can she go to school on time  when  one has to literally beg for water in other distant neighbourhoods?” She queried. Madam Fatty, noted that the situation is getting out of hand and residents are being exposed to unhygienic and insanitary condition. She said that there can be no good health without access to clean water.

Babuarr Saidy and Jainaba Saidy, a couple resident in Brikama-Wellingara highlighted the same challenges, appealing to the government to promptly intervene and help restore access to water since it is essential to human survival.

Foroyaa will get reaction of the council.


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