Sunday, July 21, 2019

Was Yankuba Touray arrested from the TRRC because of the order of the TRRC for him to be charged of contempt of the TRRC?



It is the understanding of many observers of Yankuba Touray’s encounter with the Commission that he was arrested because of the order of the Commission. What is now surprising is that he is being charged for something unrelated to the order of the Commission. Foroyaa will find out what is really going on. The Commission and the Attorney General should know that this case is being followed worldwide.

Hence consistency in doing things is absolutely essential if integrity in the process is to be maintained. The Commission cannot say one thing while the Attorney General does another thing. It would appear that the right hand is doing one thing while the left hand is doing another. Foroyaa will clarify matters to help our readers understand how the order of the Commission is being implemented or ignored and for what purpose.

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