Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh on tour

The President of the Republic of The Gambia, Adama Barrow on day 3 of his nationwide tour at N’ganyen Sanjal in Sabach Sanjal District, Central River Region North urged the people to vote for his candidates who belong to all the Political Parties that are part of the Coalition and not to vote for the opposition candidates.  

On the arrival of the President at N’gayen Sanjal, he was welcomed by a jubilating crowd that includes civil servants, chiefs, Imams, youths, etc.

He acknowledged the people of Sabach Sanjal for their rousing welcome noting that the purpose of his tour is to commend Gambians for their support and collaboration during the Presidential elections and also to campaign for all the eight 8 Political Party Candidates, whom he said are all his family. He asserted that he would not therefore sit back and watch them fight alone. He also urged them not to vote for the opposition but for the right candidate who can represent them in parliament in order to be their ‘voice’ there. He said if the opposition is voted for, it will be like going back to the former regime.



Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Lands and Regional Government Mr Lamin Dibba commended Sabach Sanjal in forming a unity banner in the change of the former government. He then emphasised that no candidate should campaign in the name of the Coalition because the Coalition, he said is not a party but rather a unity banner where all the eight parties come together for the betterment of the country.

Mr Dibba added that people should respect and honor the Constitution of The Gambia, nothing that whoever violated the Constitution will face the law. “National development cannot be done by one but rather it is a collective responsibility, therefore let us all unite in order to develop our own nation” said the minister. He however urged the people of Sabach Sanjal not to vote for the opposition candidate but they can vote for the right and competent person who can represent them in the parliament and can work towards the development of the country.

Amat Bah the Minister of Tourism reiterated that even though Sabach Sanjal did not vote for President Barrow during the last Presidential election, President Barrow will visit them because he is serving the Gambians irrespective of place.

He revealed that all the vehicles used in the tour have been sponsored by President Barrow, that they have ceased to use state property. He reiterated that President Barrow believes in nation building and that is what he stands for, therefore he said it is the responsibility of everyone to play a role in the development of the country.

He stated that a contract has been given to the Minister of Works to identify all the Feeder Roads in order to kick-start feeder road construction and the project of 2,000 boreholes given to the Minister of Work. He further continued: “The National Intelligent Agency (NIA) and the Immigrations have no right to arrest anyone, it is the responsibility of the police to arrest, but no one will be arrested if you do not commit an offense”. The tourism Minister said civil servants will be respected and their salaries will be increased, therefore he urged Gambians to give maximum gratitude to the all the security personnel especially the Police.

Malick Boye of N’gayen Sanjal acknowledged the president and his delegate for their visit. He said Gambia has now gained its full sovereignty after the 22 years of misrule by the former president Yahya Jammeh. Therefore, he urged Gambians to be tolerant and avoid violence during the national assembly election.

Boye lamented their needs for agricultural materials, electricity supply and water and road because during the rainy season they encounter a lot of difficulties in terms of transportation, adding that Sabach Sanjal wants the government to help them with a mini stadium.



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