Saturday, July 20, 2019



By Mustapha Jallow Vendors and residents living close to Marché Tayal in Tallinding, Kanifing Municipality, have been expressing concern over a neglected nearby dumpsite which they say is posing a serious threat to their health. They are complaining about the unbearable stench that comes from the dumpsite which, according to them, is known as a place that always has uncollected garbage. All the vendors at the market and the residents within the vicinity, who spoke to this reporter, said they have always been reporting this health hazard to the municipal authorities to come and collect the garbage but that nothing is being done by them. “All the residents in my compound are exposed to the health threat posed by this dumpsite with the children being more at risk of illness as they always play outside near the garbage,” said Nuha Badjie, a landlord in the vicinity. He said the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) should really come to their aid by immediately relocating the dumpsite to another place far away from their homes. Mariama Sanneh, a market vendor, who said she has never defaulted in paying daily market duties, expressed her displeasure with the Council for not providing them with the necessary and requisite services such as the regular collection of garbage. She also reiterated the need for the removal of the dumpsite from the market. Another vendor, Isatou Lama, also lamented the risks they are exposed to with the presence of this garbage site which, she said, is a breeding ground for all sorts of insects and pests, including flies, rodents, worms, etc. She also called for the urgent intervention of the Council to protect their health.  ]]>

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