Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Urgent !!! Urgent !!! Urgent !!! Pulo Jallow Needs Urgent Assistance


(For the benefit of the readership, Foroyaa Newspaper finds it very disturbing to publish the photo of the burns of the patient. But we will provide the detail information to any Office or individual interested in helping her.)

By Kebba AF Touray 

Pulo Jallow, a 31 year resident of Wellingara in the Kombo North District of the West Coast Region, is in dire need of urgent medical assistance, to regain her health after suffering severe burns on her face and the rest of her upper body.

According to her medical report from the EFSTH, Pulo is an epiletpic patient who is admitted for treatment from severe burns on her face and anterior trunk of her body, which came as a result of a seizure before an epilepsy attack, when she was cooking.

According to Pulo’s medical report, she fell into a hot pan of oil face first, with some of the hot oil spreading on the chest, breast and part of the neck; that she was immediately given intravenous fluids from the time she was discovered by nurses who went to her aid and referred her immediately to the EFSTH. The report indicated that upon examination by nurses at the EFSTH, Pulo was found to be breathing normally, she was not pale or dehydrated and had no pedal oedema, but was in painful distress and had an episode of tonic clonic seizure on presentation.

The report further indicated that she had a deep scalp as a result of the hot oil burns on the face that involved the eyes, extending to the anterior part of the chest and part of the left shoulder. The report further gave an assessment which showed a 13% deep partial thickness burn of the face, anterior chest and left shoulder.

The report indicated that Pulo has been admitted for a month at the EFSTH now, but has not been able to regain her sight, and that the wounds became infected with ‘eschar’ on the scalp.

“My wife is admitted at the EFSTH in Female Surgical Ward with a case of partial thickness burn for three weeks now. On behalf of the family, I am soliciting support from all and sundry, to help her regain her health status,” Pulo’s husband said.

For immediate and all assistance, the husband of Pulo Jallow, Muhammed Jallow and family members, can be reached on: 7122284.

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