22 February 2016 – Both the Senegalese president and the Gambian president have uttered that Gambians and Senegalese are one people but a small problem seems to be tearing the two governments apart. As it stands Gambian registered vehicles are stopped from entering into Senegalese territory by Senegalese authorities. In a similar vein, Senegalese registered vehicles are barred from entering Gambian territory. This applies to all official entry points.

Both governments need to act maturely and thrash out whatever dispute in a manner that serves the interests of the people of two nations. If they cannot do that then their talk of Africa unity would be meaningless. Needless to say, there is nothing any of the two nations can gain by the closure of the borders. Both sides will be affected, especially economically.

Where the two states fail in their responsibility civil society need to step in to play their role in facilitating a resolution of the problem. International relations can be state to state relations, state to people relations or people to people relations.

Foroyaa will find out the positions of both states on the matter.


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