Thursday, November 21, 2019



By Saikou Suwareh Jabai

The problem of scarcity of chairs in the state’s oldest tertiary institution, The Gambia College is now a thing of the past but the unhygienic condition of toilet facilities remains a disheartening issue of concern.

The Gambia College Brikama campus faced scarcity of chairs and tables with its large population coupled with UTG students over the years, but according to the Registrar the Gambia College, Mr. Demba Yabo, the problem of chairs is over and that they are also expecting another one hundred and ten joint chairs and tables in the coming weeks.

He remarked, “Lots of improvement has been done over the years and the chairs and tables are enough –even the hall is full of chairs. In fact, we are making another extra one hundred and ten joint chairs and tables through the donation we received from the Gambia Teachers Union”.

According to Yabo, one key thing that remains a challenge is the unhygienic nature of the toilets in the dormitory and academic block remained a problem in the college. Mr Yabo, who was schooled at the college 2 decades ago, told the population in the campus is affecting the toilets noting that the pressure on them will make the toilets short-lived.

He noted, “The population has increased exponentially so the pressure on the toilets is too much that it will not last long. We have been renovating them but the College is having a small resource—we only depend on the subvention from the government”.

According to the Registrar, they have reached their limit in renovating the toilets. He blamed the students in the dormitory for the poor condition of the toilets for ill-using them.

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