Thursday, July 18, 2019

UDP, NRP, GMC PARTIES FORM TACTICAL ALLIANCE Trio explain reasons for split


By Kebba Jeffang

The United Democratic Party, National Reconciliation Party and the Gambia Moral Congress told journalists at a press conference on Sunday that they have decided to form a tactical alliance to avoid their parties dying, among other reasons.

A joint statement read by Mr. Ousainou Darboe states that the three parties have jointly proposed a tactical alliance approach within the framework of the coalition. He said the purpose of the tactical alliance is to achieve coalition victory in the upcoming National Assembly Elections scheduled for April.

“These parties strongly believe that the proposed tactical alliance would be the most effective approach for the consolidation of power by President Adama Barrow to enable him and his team to fulfill their mandate for reform and reconstruction in the Gambia,” he said.

In short, what the three parties have agreed on is to put up UDP, NRP and GMC candidates in the forthcoming National Assembly elections as opposed to coalition backed independent candidates.

The statement noted that in the past the UDP, NRP and GMC have proposed or participated in various initiatives aimed at forming a coalition to defeat the APRC government.

He therefore called on all other parties in the Coalition to join them in implementing a tactical alliance strategy in the forthcoming elections.

Darboe said Coalition 2016 was formed for the sole purpose of selecting a unified opposition candidate to unseat the former President. He said the coalition agreement dated October 2016 dealt with the election of the Presidential election and the agreement did not cover matters concerning National Assembly elections.

Apart from coalition backed independent candidates leading to the death of political parties others reasons for opposing coalition backed independent candidates are:

  1. 53 Independent representatives who do not have a common platform is a recipe for chaos, confusion, inefficiency, constant stalemate and lack of direction.
  2. It will create a disconnect between the programmes of political parties and legislative activities
  3. Political parties will be unable to formulate legislative actions consistent with each party’ philosophy and vision.
  4. The formation of caucuses and voting blocs based on political ideology and vision at the national assembly will be facilitated by the tactical alliance
  5. Tactical alliance will promote accountability

Meanwhile, PDOIS, PPP and GPDP led by Halifa Sallah, Omar Jallow and Henry Gomez respectively, and the Independent presidential aspirant Dr. Isatou Touray remain in the Coalition 2016 and intend to put up coalition backed independent candidates.

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