Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tripartite Meeting Set To Bury Football Saga


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By Sulayman Bah

A tripartite truce meeting between the government and the GFF is set to be held to bury the three-month long saga threatening to rip apart Gambian football.

Foroyaa Sport understands, the Sports ministry and National Sports Council have taken a re-conciliatory position regarding the Gambia Football Federation.

Meaning, the duo government institutions have retracted from their initial keenest to probe the Football House of corruption and tax fraud.

The change in tone followed government’s talks with FIFA who threatened to come hard at Gambia over government inference with the running of football.

Details of what transpired between the government and the Lausanne-based body is sketchy but it’s understood the government is ready for ‘bygone be bygones.’

A public meeting involving the one-time warring factions, GFF, NSC and the ministry, is set to be held on a date to be decided soon, sources tell Foroyaa Sport.

Meanwhile, football boss Kabba Bajo has thumps-up minister Henry Gomez’s declaration for the infighting to cease.

‘We welcome the minister’s comments and their willingness to work with us again,’ Bajo said.

The NSC and GFF have been at loggerheads with the former accusing the latter of a plethora of vices ranging from meddling with the congresses of the Regional football Associations, match-fixing, fraud and corruption.

The federation threatened to drag the council to court, accusing the regulatory body of interfering with football.

FIFA opted to intervene after the council announced the ‘suspension’ of key football house top dogs and insisted on investigating the GFF of a raft of allegations.

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