Monday, July 22, 2019

Tricky test for Gambia’s wrestling captain


By Sulayman Bah

A tricky test awaits Gambia’s national team captain Leket Bu Barra at start of the wrestling season, as he Leket Bu Barrapartakes in Burr Promotion ‘Mbapatt’ contest.

Leket, who had fronted the country in numerous regional championships, is yet to taste defeat.

But the start of this new season is proving intriguing after the Barra-based wrestler committed himself to newly licensed Burr Promotion’s event, which has up to forty-six wrestlers competing for the staked prizes.

Leket is one of many big names throwing their hats in the ring but the national wrestling squad big shot faces a tricky opening fixture with Autorai from club Jeff Jel.

Little known Autorai has vowed to ruffle Leket’s feathers in what’s potentially the former’s biggest contest.

But should Leket, as highly anticipated, trash Autorai, he faces even tougher schedules in the 86 kilos category with much heralded Valdo, Club old Jeshwang’sAbouSarr and Dollar all in the same pool.

The contest billed for November 29th is categorised into four: 66kg, 76, 86 and 100kg for the first round. Winners in the first phase will be balloted and redrawn for the second round dated December 12th.

Total package for prizes hits up D200, 000, the fattest of any prize in the arena of recent.

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