Officials of the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal have disputed the content of the story captioned “TRIBUNAL JUDGMENT ON EX-OCEAN BAY STAFF STALLS 7 TIMES” published in Foroyaa of 8 March 2016. They say the records of the court, which they say overrides what is published shows that the case was not set for judgment till August 2015 and not 4 March 2015 as indicated by Foroyaa. They also say that judgment was not stalled seven times as indicated by Foroyaa.

Officials were also concerned that the story did not make it clear that the present composition of the tribunal was not the one that adjourned the case for judgment, and are therefore not responsible for the delay in the delivery of judgment.


Foroyaa will not argue with the court records and is not blaming anybody for the delay in proceedings which started in 2012. What is significant is for the case to proceed and judgment delivered in accordance with the dictum “Justice delayed is justice denied.”


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