Kebba Jeffang reporting from Bansang
The trial of Lamin Camara at Bansang on 13 January 2015 failed toLaminCamara, Principal of Damfaye School
proceed as he was absent from court.
When the case was called at 1 pm the accused, Mr. Camara, was not
present in court. The court then stood down the case till later in the
day. However when proceedings resumed later the accused was still
The court indicated that it received no information from the accused
person. The police prosecutor Chief Inspector Camara also told the
court that he received no information from the accused person. The
travelling magistrate Mr. Lamin Bittaye then adjourned the case to
20 January 2015.
Mr. Camara is the principal of Demfai Basic Cycle in Sami District,
Central River Region. He is charged with false
publication, broadcasting without a licence and libel. On Monday 4
January 2014, the court granted him bail.
Mr. Camara was arrested at his home by 3 plain clothes officers who
are said to be stationed at Bansang Police Station on Friday, 18
December, 2015 in the evening. He was detained for up to ten days
before being arraigned before a magistrate.

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