With due respect, please allow me space in your credible and most read newspaper to express my concern and concern of many residences of the Kombos plying in the above mentioned roads.  People who regularly ply the Brikama -Serekunda and Westfield road.

There is traffic used by the apprentices call (Brikama Direct) to exhort more money from passengers.  This makes life difficult to passengers going to Lamin, Banjulinding, Yundum Barracks and New Yundum village respectively.  In most cases if a passenger board the vehicle from Serekunda and stopping at the mentioned villages such passengers mostly end up quarreling or even fighting with the apprentices for only two or three Dalasis should the passenger fail to pay?

Meanwhile, some Drivers who ply Serekunda -Brikama would instead carry passengers stopping at Tallinding, Latrikunda, Kaw Junction and Tabokoto respectively and finally load from Tabokoto and proceed to Brikama causing those affected passengers to pay double fairs before finally arriving to their respective destinations.  This system has greatly affected passengers going to Brikama.

In addition this has also pave way for the yellow color taxis to operate on Town tripe especially around 5pmSerekunda Tallinding, Latrikunda, Kaw junction and Tabokoto respectively during the mentioned time on working days.   In view of this, I am please suggesting to the appropriate authorities to authorize labels for identification purpose to vehicles plying from Brikama- Serekunda and Brikama Westfield respectively so that this exhortion and exploitation of passengers will stop.

I am with strong hope that if necessary actions are taken to address this issue or situation would enhance our transportation system more effectively and easy service delivery to the general public. Best Regard, Thank you.


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