Senegalese unionists are again protesting what they say is a drastic increase in the payment of goods brought into Gambia from Senegal and are currently blockading all transports flowing across the Amdalaye/Karang border. They are planning to do the same at the Farafenni border. This is not the first time.

Rather than the two states co-existing in the spirit of good neighbourliness, equality and mutual interest, and provide to each sovereign person prosperity, liberty and dignity, and thus guarantee world peace and security, we have acrimony across the border.

Trade war does not benefit either country but can only enhance the economic hardship now being encountered by the masses in both countries. The two governments need to act swiftly to resolve this matter.

There is a Ministry responsible for Regional Integration in The Gambia. Foroyaa will find out where they stand on this issue. Needless to say, apart from state to state relation, we have people to people relation. Civil society does not have to leave matters to deteriorate when the states are failing. They need to combine their efforts to cement their relation and cooperation.



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