By Kebba Jeffang

Bala Musa Darboe, the younger brother of Mr. Dembo Darboe, commonly called ‘Touray’ Darboe, who was picked up by NIA operatives at his residence in Kafuta since April 16, told Foroyaa yesterday that he has still not been released.

“We were really expecting his release since before the start of the month of Ramadan as he has not been charged or brought before a court. This expectation was even very high when we heard about the release of those people who were charged and taken to court. Unfortunately, he is still being held incommunicado and the family still does not know why he is detained,” said the younger Darboe.

He said the family is appealing to the authorities for the release of their loved one, ‘Touray’ Darboe, for the sake of his state of health as he has a history of mental illness.

It could be recalled that ‘Touray’ Darboe was reported to have been picked up by two intelligent officers at his residence on April 16 and whisked away to an unknown destination. It was only in May (last month) when one of his sisters was allowed to meet and discuss with him at the NIA headquarters in Banjul.

Both the wife and ailing mother of ‘Touray’ Darboe have also added their voices calling for his release.

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