Thursday, July 18, 2019

Touray Darboe at NIA for 109 days today


By Kebba Jeffang

A man with a mental health history, Dembo Darboe, commonly called Touray Darboe, is still being held at the National Dembo DarboeIntelligence Agency (NIA) for 109 days today, without release or any formal charge preferred against him.

The latest information from the family reveals that he is still inaccessible to them, despite all the efforts being made by them.

Balla Darboe, one of Touray Darboe’s brothers, said “the situation is still the same story and we are denied access to see him anytime we go there. I went there two weeks ago but I was not allowed to see him, even though they confirmed to me that he was still in their custody. In his entire period of detention, it was only once that one of my sisters met and talked to him.”

It could be recalled that Touray Darboe was said to have been arrested by two NIA officers at his residence in Kafuta, in Kombo East, West Coast Region, on the 16th April, 2016. This was the same day the leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP), including the leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, were arrested for conducting a peaceful demonstration to demand for the Solo Sandeng to be produced either dead or alive.

However, the family informed this medium that their loved one was in his home village at the time of the 14 and 16 April incidents and had not taken part in any of them. Both his mother and wife spoke to this reporter immediately after his arrest, expressing their concern regarding his state of mental health as he is said to be vulnerable to a relapse if he does not take his medication.

They call on the authorities to release him to re unite with his family.


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