From left: Tony Blair shaking hands with President Adama Barrow


The Tony Blair Institute is designed to mobilise experts to assist the government supported to improve in service delivery.

In today’s world many former heads of state continue to make life out of office useful by establishing foundations which mobilise resources from endowments and other good Samaritans. It is important to bear in mind that such foundations and those who establish them have to satisfy certain criteria in order to be credible.

First and foremost they should be established not to further the policies of a particular head of state or their orientation in managing the affairs of countries. They should not be utilized to promote any personal agenda but should instead be designed to promote internally accepted development paradigm such as the sustainable development goals. Such foundations should also be monitored, assessed and evaluated by external assessors to determine whether they are fit for purpose. Foroyaa will monitor the type of support that the foundation will give and the objective of the support in order to assess the value of any intervention.

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