The process of becoming a candidate in a presidential election starts with nomination. A candidate will have to get the backing of 5000 registered voters, pay a deposit of 500,000 dalasis (half a million dalasis), declare his or her assets, show tax clearance and meet all the requirements stipulated in the Constitution and Elections Act. A candidate is allowed to stand by the Independent Electoral Commission once he or she meets all the requirements.

As we go to press it appears that three people are confirmed by the IEC to be the potential presidential candidates if they meet the requirements. They are the incumbent, who is the candidate of the APRC, Mamma Kandeh, who is the candidate of the GDC and Adama Barrow who is standing on an independent ticket and supported by a coalition.

The GDC candidate is scheduled to submit his nomination papers today 7 November 2016, the Independent Candidate supported by the Coalition is to submit his nomination papers on Wednesday 9 November 2016 and the incumbent is to submit his nomination papers on Thursday 10 November 2016.

Hence by Thursday it will be clear who will be opting for the office of president on 1 December 2016. Foroyaa will cover the nominations and update readers on all developments.

The moment of decision is near. The seconds are ticking. The sovereign Gambian people will soon exercise the right to make a choice.


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